The Lost Sheep Book/Animal set with Quest Cards

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Set includes:
Sheep Doll
Donkey Doll
Keepsake Box
12 Easter Quest Cards (plus 3 blank cards)

Your kids can follow their Shepherd and his donkey friend on his quest to find his lost sheep! Jesus came on Easter to save his lost sheep from sin and death. Just as a shepherd rejoices when one of his lost sheep is found, all of Heaven rejoices when one of God's lost sheep is saved. With some help from the Easter Quest Cards, every day of your Shepherd's journey to find his lost sheep will reveal a different part of Jesus' journey to the cross. On Easter, your kids can find their Shepherd embracing his little lamb and rejoicing that Jesus is risen! I hope you'll join us this Easter as we make Jesus the reason to celebrate! **** The Shepherd Boy is NOT included in "The Lost Sheep set" It is included in The Shepherds Treasure Christmas addition.