Shepherd’s Treasure Easter Activities (Second Edition)

Easter Quest Cards (Second Edition)

Day 1 - Wednesday

Today marks the first day of your quest to find the lost sheep! Your children can find their shepherd next to the “The Lost Sheep” Easter book, along with a little sack filled with snacks or tools for their journey. Be creative! Your sack could include Easter candy, granola bars, binoculars, a mini-flashlight, trail mix, a water bottle—anything that will get them excited to go on their adventure. Talk about how we are like sheep who need a good shepherd to rescue us.

Day 2 - Thursday

Today, we’re talking about the creation of the world and how God made everything good. Your children can find their shepherd holding fresh flowers in his hand or surrounded by stuffed animals (including the shepherd’s donkey friend). Go outside with your kids and enjoy God’s creation today. Lay on a blanket and look up at the clouds, go on a nature walk, or dig in the dirt. If the weather is yucky, look out the window and point to all the things God has made.

Day 3 - Friday

Today, we’re learning about the fall of man and the consequences of sin. Let your kids catch their shepherd red-handed with a piece of half-eaten, “stolen” fruit. Ask them to think about a time when they’ve chosen their way over God’s way. Explain how sin makes God’s heart sad, but remind them that God sent a rescuer—Jesus!—to save us from our sin.

Day 4 - Saturday

Merry Christmas! Well, sort of. Today, we’re talking about how the Christmas story is an important part of God’s rescue plan. Have your kids find their shepherd next to a pretend Christmas tree today—either a small artificial tree or a tree made of construction paper. Then, ask them how God’s rescuer looked different from the rescuer his people were expecting. If you’re feeling extra merry, sing a Christmas carol or enjoy some hot cocoa as a family!

Day 5 - Palm Sunday

It’s Palm Sunday! Your kids can find their shepherd with a paintbrush or marker in hand, sitting next to a pile of smooth rocks and art supplies. Paint or write your praises to Jesus on the rocks. Think of words that describe him and how you feel about him like BIG, STRONG, LOVE, or HOSANNA. As you’re creating, shout and sing praises out loud to King Jesus!

Day 6 - Monday

Today, your kids can find their little shepherd on top of furniture you’ve turned upside down. Talk with them about how Jesus got angry because the religious leaders were disrespecting God and blocking people from coming to pray. Then, explain that those who follow Jesus can pray anytime because Jesus lives in their hearts. Pray together as a family. Praise God for how great he is. Tell him you’re sorry for choosing your own way. Thank Jesus for dying on the cross for you. Ask him to help you choose his way.

Day 7 - Tuesday

Today, have your shepherd bring some supplies so that you can make a fun sheep craft together. First, trace your child’s hand on a piece of colored construction paper and cut it out. Then, rip apart some white cotton balls and glue them onto the palm of the paper hand. The four fingers will be the sheep’s legs and the thumb will be its head. Use a white crayon to draw a face. While you’re working on your craft, talk about the difference between being a hypocrite and being a sheep.

Day 8 - Wednesday

When Jesus was on Earth, his message was clear: “Repent and believe for the kingdom of God is at hand.” Today, your kids can find their shepherd next to a big wrong way sign (a paper arrow with the words WRONG WAY written across it). Talk about what it means to repent or to turn from our way to God’s way. Remember, we can’t turn around without Jesus!

Day 9 - Thursday

If you have a small clothespin, pin it on your shepherd’s nose because we’re talking about stinky jobs! Today is Maundy Thursday. “Maundy” comes from the Latin word maundatum and means “commandment.” Talk with your kids about the new commandment from Jesus and think of ways you might love others how Jesus loves us. Brainstorm some “stinky” jobs that no one really likes to do, and do one of them together!

Day 10 - Good Friday

Today is Good Friday—the very best and the very worst day in human history. Use a small cross you have in your home or make a small cross by tying two sticks together with a little twine and have your shepherd kneel before the cross. Take a moment to kneel down beside your shepherd and thank Jesus for dying on the cross to rescue his sheep. You could make a cross craft today if you’d like as well.

Day 11 - Saturday

Your little shepherd friend should be in party preparation mode today! Put out a poster or a large piece of paper with markers or crayons. Work together to make a banner that says “JESUS IS ALIVE!” If you want to build the anticipation a little more, pick out your party clothes, set the table for Easter dinner, or decorate with party decorations. As you prepare for Easter Sunday, talk about how excited you are to celebrate Jesus rising again!

Day 12 - Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday—time to celebrate Jesus being alive! Your kids can find their shepherd hugging his sheep this morning near the banner they made yesterday. Feel free to add balloons or party decorations—anything that will communicate to them that today is a special day worth celebrating. As a family, read the story of Jesus’ resurrection, and fill your day with praises, songs, and celebration. Jesus is ALIVE!

Shopping List

  • Day 1: Sacks filled with snacks and tools for the journey--granola bars, a mini-flashlight, etc. You can purchase adventure packs like the ones pictured on Amazon. The Shepherd’s explorer gear is American girl doll accessories that can also be found on Amazon.

  • Day 2:Fresh flowers or stuffed animals

  • Day 3:Partially-eaten piece of fruit

  • Day 4:Small Christmas Tree (either artificial or made of construction paper), hot cocoa (optional), Easter decorations for the tree (optional)

  • Day 5:Smooth stones, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, permanent markers

  • Day 6:Chairs and/or table that you can turn upside down

  • Day 7:Colored construction paper, cotton balls, scissors, glue, white crayon

  • Day 8:Construction paper arrow that says “WRONG WAY”

  • Day 9:Mini clothespins

  • Day 10:a cross or two twigs or popsicle sticks, twine, cross craft (optional)

  • Day 11:Poster or large piece of paper, markers, craft supplies to make a banner, additional Easter party decorations (optional)

  • Day 12:Sheep