How It Works Easter


1. Find It!
Your family adventure begins when your Shepherd “appears" beside The Shepherd’s Treasure Easter book 12 days before Easter Sunday on March 24, 2021. Place your Shepherd doll somewhere in your home and help create the excitement when your little ones find him for the first time!

2. Read It!
Gather together and explore the true meaning of Easter by reading The Shepherd’s Treasurer (The Lost Sheep). The Shepherd’s, Treasure Easter Activity Cards will greatly enhance your kids' understanding of why we celebrate Easter. For additional activities look in the back of the book! Try the verse hunt and find a letter from your sheep explaining why Easter is so special!

3. Name them!
Pick fun names for your Shepherd and his sheep and record them on the dedication pages at the end of the book. If you already have a name for your Shepherd, there is no need to re-name him.

4. Find him!
Every morning your little one’s job is to find their Shepherd and join on his journey! Read or do the activity on the card that your Shepherd left.

5. The Adventure!
Your Shepherd “travels in search of his sheep” each night while your kids sleep. After bedtime, find creative and fun ways for your Shepherd to continue his journey. The Easter Activity Cards give you a great guide as to what you can do OR you can choose your own fun way to reveal the story of Easter each day of his adventure.

6. The Treasure!
On Easter morning, your Shepherd will find his lost sheep! Place your Shepherd and sheep together, somewhere extra special (maybe at the foot of a small decorative cross). Your children will find their Shepherd embracing his lost sheep to remind them that, we too are lost sheep, found and saved by our great Shepherd Jesus when he died and rose again on Easter!