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The Shepherd's Treasure Advent Cards (Third Edition)



Limited Availability!
Current purchases of the 3rd edition advent cards are PRE-SALE. These will ship in time to arrive by December 1st to you
Due to popular demand, Stephanie Parker, the author of The Shepherd's Treasure, is releasing the 3rd edition of Advent Cards with all NEW verses, devotions and activities! 
By advent cards, the shepherd is led;
each day a new verse from God’s Word to be read.
It’s also a clue of his journey ahead
and a message of joy and good news to be spread!
Set includes: 
25 Advent Cards plus 3 EXTRA CARDS with the armor of God cut outs to fit your Shepherd!  Each advent card features Bible verses and messages from your Shepherd!  The Advent Cards also come with an activity calendar for parents that tells you where to move your Shepherd each day!    PLUS, we threw in some blank decorative cards for you to customize as you wish!